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17th September 2019

Dublin needs a night mayor—here’s how we can make it work

Dublin’s night-time economy is under threat. A solutions-focused, politically savvy night mayor can save it.

22nd August 2019

So long, Friedman: welcome to the era of social business

Nearly 200 of the world’s most powerful CEOs have committed to a new relationship with society. What’s in it for them?

30th July 2019

What Gogglebox can teach leaders about answering the hard questions

Your audience are not fools. Respect them by sincerely and unambiguously answering difficult questions.

02nd May 2019

Play Bad CEO, the PR360 Game

A story has broken and the news ain’t good—sprint to the exit before your employees ask too many difficult questions!

11th April 2019

The CEO’s most powerful asset is knowing how to communicate

Our New Times, New Leaders report shows that 82% of employees think regular company-wide communications from their CEO is important.

08th March 2019

Empowerment is for life, not just for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an important opportunity for businesses and brands to effect real change.

18th February 2019

Bezos’s balls put Pecker on backfoot

The Bezos-Pecker dispute is a clash of the titans, and the Amazon CEO’s secret weapon is proactive communications.

18th January 2019

A failure to communicate is at the heart of the Abbey Theatre controversy

Organisational change is a journey. Failure to bring your stakeholders with you creates a climate of confusion, discontent, and long-term instability.

19th December 2018

A new era of identity

We live in an era of identity. To survive, brands, politicians and organisations must anchor their comms activity in core convictions or else stay away from challenging issues.