2nd May 2019

Play Bad CEO, the PR360 Game

When the quarterly targets are missed yet again, the IT systems overhaul goes awry (and wipes the server in the process), or a product recall keeps everyone in the office until midnight, employees look to the man or woman at the top—the CEO—for guidance, instruction, and words of wisdom.

A surprising number of business leaders would prefer they didn’t. In challenging situations, many CEOs say little and keep themselves locked away. In fact, over a third of employees have read or heard a bad news story about their employer in the media before it was announced internally.

As communications professionals, we advocate confronting challenges in a sensible and strategic way. However, when it comes to a little lunchtime distraction, we say live dangerously and play Bad CEO, the PR360 Game.

Step into the shoes of a panicked CEO and leg it to the door before your pesky employees ask you too many difficult questions!

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