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We’re hiring an Account Executive

07th January 2023

We’re looking for a new Account Executive to help carry out and manage the day-to-day communications activities of a variety of clients.

17th December 2022

Cabinet Reshuffle

The capacity of a re-set government to turn things back in their favour will be watched closely. We look forward to tracking it in your favour.

19th October 2022

Navigating the uncomfortable questions hanging over the build-up to World Cup 2022

In the case of the Qatar World Cup, the relevant parties have had a long lead-in time to pre-empt the difficult questions and fine-tune the official party line.

22nd September 2022

Boohoo, sustainability and tired cliché of ‘starting the conversation’

Although coincidental, the term ‘greenwashing’ was also officially added to the Merriam-Webster Dictionary in the same 48-hour window that the partnership with Kardashian was announced.

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CEO Communications Report

82% of employees value regular company-wide communication from their CEO. Learn more about why being an open and authentic leader benefits the bottom line.


17th January 2022

The Downing Street fiasco shows that the ‘great apology’ is losing its edge

18th November 2021

From corporate raiders to climate heroes? Activist investors explained

26th February 2021

Fear is suffocating hope in Covid Ireland


14th October 2021

Twitter, Revue, and the digital newsletter renaissance

22nd April 2021

Why your brand needs to move away from vanity metrics

15th April 2021

Clubhouse is the latest social media trend—but what is it?


03rd February 2022

The New York Times’ acquisition of The Athletic is a bullish bet on subscriptions

21st October 2021

What Taco Bell can teach us about authentic communications

30th September 2021

Stealing the limelight: how a corporate rebrand overshadowed Three’s commitment to the arts


01st April 2022

It’s time to pull the plug on Ireland’s renewables red tape regime

07th September 2021

On the back foot: how Dublin City Council’s pedestrianisation plan revealed fundamental communications flaws

16th July 2021

What does Pride actually mean to your organisation?


17th December 2022

Cabinet Reshuffle

23rd September 2021

Individualism and ‘inevitability’ are limiting the coalition’s chance of success

15th September 2021

The Dáil is back—now the Government must confront 4 major challenges


04th November 2021

Selling space: why billion-dollar fortunes distract from the real goals of life beyond Earth

28th October 2021

How to communicate crypto to the masses

28th July 2021

Advancements in biometric technology will prove challenging for EU lawmakers


09th December 2020

A vaccine is here, but the rollout won’t be easy

12th November 2020

How to communicate a vaccination programme

02nd July 2020

Minister Donnelly’s next steps


22nd February 2022

What the Raith Rovers controversy tells us about ‘judgement malfunction’

16th December 2021

How the failed European Super League lost the comms battle before it even began

02nd March 2021

How the FAI could have avoided the lasting damage of ‘Videogate’