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17th December 2020

Why culture mattered more than ever in 2020 — The Longest Year

Togetherness is the secret sauce of company culture, and the pandemic has made finding the recipe even harder.

15th December 2020

How RTÉ fell at the last hurdle in 2020 — The Longest Year

RTÉ’s growth in popularity and trustworthiness was squandered by an entirely avoidable crisis.

10th December 2020

How Airbnb survived crisis in 2020 — The Longest Year

By confronting a major existential issue head on, transparent and open Airbnb earned employee and industry admiration.

08th December 2020

How Aryzta went stale in 2020 — The Longest Year

Aryzta lumbers from crisis to crisis. Only a proactive communications strategy can save it from a never-ending negative news cycle.

04th December 2020

How we talked past each other in 2020 — The Longest Year

Cancel culture and the civility of online discourse remained testy subjects in 2020. Will we ever be able to agree to disagree?

24th November 2020

All we want for Christmas is for government and Nphet to work together

Ireland’s ability to manage Covid-19 this winter depends on the relationship between government and Nphet.

06th October 2020

Be the boss: Micheál Martin’s next 800 days

Taoiseach Micheál Martin is now 100 days into the job. He must lead with renewed purpose to ensure Ireland recovers from Covid-19.

05th March 2020

Women! Want equality? Champion the rights of men

Greater access to paternity leave will help women achieve more seniority in the workplace.

17th December 2019

Uncertainty is the new normal—and that’s okay     

The 2020s are almost upon us. It’s time to embrace uncertainty.