Only intelligent communications create results

How can organisations stand out and be heard in the modern world?

Success requires bringing together and integrating every part of the communications process: data-driven insights, strategic thinking, and a multidisciplinary, comprehensive mix of services.

Learn more about some of 360’s core service areas

Media engagement

The strength of an organisation’s relationship with media frequently determines the success of its communications campaign and its ability to meet broader strategic objectives.

360 provides clients with media mapping and engagement strategies, 24/7 press office services, including press releases and opinion piece ghostwriting, and one-on-one and group media training.

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Public affairs + campaigning

Understanding how, when, and why to approach and engage influential people in government, industry, and media is key to a successful public affairs campaign.

360 delivers a range of public affairs and campaigning services, including stakeholder mapping, sectoral research and reporting, stakeholder engagement and lobbying, and policy drafting.

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Internal communications + employer branding

What makes someone want to work with you? How an organisation communicates its vision, ethos, and goals to its employees and prospective hires has a major impact on its potential to attract talent, its own brand and, by extension, its bottom line.

360 works with organisations to provide a comprehensive range of internal communications and employer branding services, including internal culture audit and analysis, internal communications strategy, CEO communications and messaging, and culture and values development.

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Crisis communications + vulnerability audit

Many organisations experience crises and other challenging situations. Those that proactively plan for them can avoid potentially damaging effects on business, employment, and reputation.

360 provides organisations with end-to-end crisis communications strategies, which include an initial vulnerability audit, ongoing crisis training and simulation, 24/7 crisis press office services, and crisis recovery solutions.

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Digital communications + digital strategy

The days of siloed PR campaigns are over: if a brand wants to reach its audience and achieve its strategic objectives, it must have a digital communications campaign grounded in digital strategy.

360’s digital communications and digital strategy services include strategic positioning, data analysis, website design and development, digital marketing and advertising, social media community management, and digital skills training.

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