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18th December 2018

2018 in comms: the PR360 review

PR360’s leadership team look back on the comms moments of the year and discuss the trends set to shape 2019.

17th August 2018

What corporates can learn from FBD’s handling of its internal investigation

Despite the potential for a media storm, FBD’s quick and decisive action staved off crisis.

10th August 2018

The authentic leader

Business and political leaders brave enough to reveal their ‘true self’ will cultivate support, respect and relationships.

20th March 2018

When it comes to communications, don’t leave your employees behind

Real motivation and empowerment comes when we’re part of something, when we feel like we’re contributing, and when we belong.

22nd January 2018

One hundred years after giving Irish women the vote, what progress have we made?

In short, the answer is ‘not enough’.

10th January 2018

Reputation is about managing stress as much as media

Being a leader is stressful. Many responsibilities rest on your shoulders. 

10th February 2017

Thought leaders need to look past Brexit and Trump

Trump and Brexit are challenges for Ireland, but so are crises in the EU

25th November 2016

What you say and how you say it matters

This has always been especially important in business and politics, but in this smaller, faster, ‘searchable’ world, the words of the TD and the CEO leader travel faster, go further and last longer.