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02nd July 2018

The rise of the #politician

Twitter helps leaders react in real time, but a strategic approach to communications builds trust and credibility.

28th March 2018

An unfortunate—and avoidable—end to the SCU

After just six months, the die has been cast for the Government’s Strategic Communications Unit

14th December 2017

The 5 biggest moments for political communications in 2017

When it comes to political communications, a mistake is rarely small and often costly. 

12th September 2017

The benefits of Leo’s new SCU

How the Government communicates with its citizens and positions Ireland in the world is crucial. 

21st August 2017

Changes to constituency seats

An overview of constituency commission’s recommendations

14th June 2017

Taoiseach Leo Varadkar’s new Cabinet

Today marks the election of Taoiseach Leo Varadkar and, in many ways, the beginning of a new epoch in Irish politics.

17th January 2017

Brexit: The long goodbye

Theresa May’s speech today was a perfect occasion to set out the UK’s negotiating position in front of a curious and somewhat concerned global audience.

03rd November 2016

AGSI or ASTI: Who is top of the class in the court of public opinion?

We are now entering a very different economic space; not seen for more than a decade and Unions are eager for public pay to be restored. 

20th October 2016

Influencing change in the Budget starts today

The Finance Bill is the moment that matters if you’re seeking change.