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19th November 2019

The measure of a plan

How you choose to measure the value and impact of a communications campaign is as important as the campaign itself.

18th July 2019

The beginning of the end: why planning for the finish line matters

Planning for the end gives our communications campaigns focus, goals and purpose.

07th February 2019

Is there really an epidemic of fake news?

The power of fake news has been greatly exaggerated. Kneejerk legislation and Big Tech intervention will only turn up the heat in an already stifling public forum.

29th November 2018

From PR student to PR professional: how to get a job in the industry

The transition from PR course to PR job can seem daunting, but with the right skills—and attitude—you can prove yourself a worthy investment.

06th November 2018

Vegans and Waitrose: perspective under pressure

Distinguishing transient social media fury from a genuine problem will save your brand time and heartache.

24th October 2018

Content isn’t always king

“Content for the sake of content” is harming your brand. An authentic content-writing strategy can save it.

14th August 2018

The ‘golden hour’: the first hour of a PR crisis is reputation making or breaking

Quick, strategic action in a time of crisis will save your brand from long-lasting damage.

26th July 2018

My first five months in brand communications

Before you start your comms internship, pick an agency that can give you the skills you need to thrive in a fast-moving industry.

16th July 2018

How Irish business and government can disarm fake news

Maintaining transparency and credibility is key in the fight against fake news.