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29th January 2021

“Easy wins” aren’t always what they seem: a case for sticking to the plan

Veering from an established plan for an “easy win” often does more harm than good. The Irish Government learnt that the hard way at Christmas.

30th July 2020

People of Britain: your country(’s health service) needs you!

The blunt tone of the UK Government’s new Better Health campaign may serve only to undermine it.

25th June 2020

This is the age of intelligent communications

At 360, we know that an integrated, insights-driven approach to communications works best.

20th March 2020

“In Ireland, they don’t have a health service”: why you need to plan your crisis communications

The Covid-19 pandemic is changing every day. Resist the temptation to communicate off the cuff and stick to your plan.

18th February 2020

Beyond woke: the important difference between awareness and action

What’s better than a ‘woke’ stakeholder? One that takes action.

19th November 2019

The measure of a plan

How you choose to measure the value and impact of a communications campaign is as important as the campaign itself.

18th July 2019

The beginning of the end: why planning for the finish line matters

Planning for the end gives our communications campaigns focus, goals and purpose.

07th February 2019

Is there really an epidemic of fake news?

The power of fake news has been greatly exaggerated. Kneejerk legislation and Big Tech intervention will only turn up the heat in an already stifling public forum.

29th November 2018

From PR student to PR professional: how to get a job in the industry

The transition from PR course to PR job can seem daunting, but with the right skills—and attitude—you can prove yourself a worthy investment.