Lauren Murphy

17th January 2022

The Downing Street fiasco shows that the ‘great apology’ is losing its edge

Our desire for ritual apologies may be causing some public figures to over-compensate. The simpler way is nearly always better.

15th September 2021

The Dáil is back—now the Government must confront 4 major challenges

With the clock ticking on 2021, the triple-headed coalition must now finally move to overcome some of its biggest challenges.

18th May 2021

What Boris Johnson can teach the Irish Government about the Dublin Bay South by-election

Ireland’s coalition government faces its first electoral challenge. The recent UK local elections provide useful learnings.

26th August 2020

Confronting Cerberus: how to lobby a three-party government

Ireland’s three-headed government creates news challenges for public affairs specialists and lobbyists.

18th February 2020

Beyond woke: the important difference between awareness and action

What’s better than a ‘woke’ stakeholder? One that takes action.

11th September 2019

Ursula von der Leyen needs to make the EU matter

With a new team and renewed purpose, a von der Leyen-led Commission has a crucial role to play in communicating the EU’s vision.

24th April 2019

Who’s voting EU?

The EU will need to leave the abstract ideals behind and focus on hard facts if it wants a good turnout in May.

02nd July 2018

The rise of the #politician

Twitter helps leaders react in real time, but a strategic approach to communications builds trust and credibility.