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17th June 2021

Anatomy of a cybercrime: the HSE attack one month on

The ransomware attacks on the Department of Health and HSE are terrible but important lessons for the Government.

13th May 2021

Artificial intelligence regulation will be the next Big Tech flashpoint

The EU’s proposed AI regulation critically examines how we interact with intelligent computers and software. What does it mean for Big Tech?

05th May 2021

WhatsApp’s upcoming privacy changes and what they mean for social apps

New changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy come into force next week, but tech trends show companies can’t afford to be flippant with user data.

04th February 2021

Can Twitter’s Birdwatch actually work?

Twitter’s new community moderation tool promises transparency and fairness, but it first must overcome a number of deeply complex challenges.

01st December 2020

An EU digital legislation overhaul is coming—here’s what you need to know

The EU’s Digital Services/Digital Markets Act package will shake up the internet as we know it—and it’s not just Silicon Valley’s problem.

05th December 2019

Google Stadia faces one of its biggest challenges: Irish broadband

Google will need to get creative to make Stadia a success in Ireland.

24th May 2019

Why Silicon Valley must renew its vows to Ireland and the world

The giants of Silicon Valley must act decisively to preserve their reputation in a changing world.

08th March 2018

Can an Internet Safety Commissioner work in Ireland?

The extent to which anyone has a right to free speech in the purest form, with no restrictions, is a conundrum which is certainly not new.