Amy Couch

14th October 2021

Twitter, Revue, and the digital newsletter renaissance

While digital newsletters are nothing new, the latest crop of editorial content platforms promise new, profitable ways to connect with readers.

01st April 2021

The 3 Instagram updates and trends you should know about in 2021

Faced with fierce competition from TikTok, Facebook Inc is investing heavily in new livestreaming and e-commerce features on Instagram.

29th October 2020

Trump and Biden’s divergent digital strategies

Uncle Joe versus rough-and-tumble Trump — whose digital strategy will win out?

22nd November 2019

Twitter’s political advertising ban has begun—here’s what it means

Twitter has banned all political advertisements on its platform. Here’s what you can and can’t do.

08th October 2018

Integrated communications are key to political campaign success

Mixing an energetic offline campaign with an authentic social media strategy helps candidates reach a broad spectrum of voters.

14th September 2018

Three months on, is anybody using IGTV?

It’s been three months since Instagram launched IGTV, but just how much of an impact has it among the brands and creators it was designed for?

23rd August 2018

How brands can overcome social media fatigue

Social media is the new normal. Brands need to prioritise platforms, messaging and content to stand out from the crowd.