16th June 2020

The programme for Big Government

The programme for government is here. What can Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson teach us about it?

16th April 2020

The draft government: a look at the new framework document

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil inch towards an historic government.

10th February 2020

Mary Lou’s moxy leaves Micheál in the last chance saloon

While the dust is still yet to settle, GE2020 has certainly delivered on one thing: change.

05th February 2020

The Prime Time debate: dictated by polls and determined by detail

The three main party leaders locked horns in the crucial final phase of the GE2020 campaign.

04th February 2020

Public believe Mary Lou McDonald is the most effective communicator among party leaders — 360 poll

Sinn Féin’s surge continues as public dub Mary Lou McDonald “most effective communicator” in new 360 poll.

03rd February 2020

With five days left until polling day, 28% of voters remain undecided — 360 poll

Final PR360 GE2020 poll shows huge appetite for change and a significant number of undecided voters.

31st January 2020

No clear winner in the Yates and Cooper seven-way leaders’ debate

The seven party heads clashed for the last time before the vote next Saturday, but no leader came out on top.

29th January 2020

Majority believe neither Leo Varadkar nor Micheál Martin can address the issues of rural Ireland — 360 poll

Both main party leaders are struggling to resonate with Ireland’s farming community.

28th January 2020

Who was the winner of the Claire Byrne Live seven-way leaders’ debate?

Leaders from the seven main parties went head to head last night. Who came out on top?