Barry Murphy

23rd September 2021

Individualism and ‘inevitability’ are limiting the coalition’s chance of success

With the pandemic coming to an end and Sinn Féin on the surge, the Government must get their communications house in order.

07th July 2021

How have the Dublin Bay South by-election candidates fared on the social media battlefield?

Selfies, thumbs-up, babies, cute dogs, sea swims, and ice cream—did you really canvass if you didn’t post a photo of it?

02nd November 2020

Trump vs Biden: a communications stalemate?

America decides. Can the President repeat his 2016 success or will Biden steal Trump’s thunder?

02nd September 2020

McConalogue is a fresh start for Ireland’s post-Golfgate agri sector

To effectively communicate their issues, farmer representative organisations need to regroup, refocus, and form a united front.

01st October 2019

Thinking strategically: how to get the most out of a trade show

A trade show isn’t just a day out of the office—success requires investment in strategy and execution.