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09th December 2020

A vaccine is here, but the rollout won’t be easy

The government will need to contend with priority groups, vaccine misinformation, and population access, among other challenges.

12th November 2020

How to communicate a vaccination programme

A Covid-19 vaccine is coming, but mass immunisation won’t be a straightforward task.

02nd July 2020

Minister Donnelly’s next steps

Minister Donnelly needs to quickly articulate and communicate his plan for the next six months, for 2021, and for the full five years of the government’s term.

26th June 2020

Event news: the next five years in Irish healthcare

Join 360 MD Dan Pender for a discussion with Tony O’Brien, former director general of the HSE and 360 advisor.

30th August 2018

Ireland must plan now for post-Brexit medicine shortages

With Brexit looming, Ireland needs a medicines supply plan to avoid a dangerous shortage of life-saving drugs.