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Teva Pharmaceuticals

Invisible illness

Migraine can be debilitating and life-limiting. As well as a severe headache, symptoms include nausea, dizziness, visual phenomena called aura, and sensitivity to light.

Migraine is a mostly ‘invisible’ condition, and that contributes to the public’s misunderstanding of it. Many presume that it is little more than a bad headache.


Introducing Ajovy

Ajovy is a new drug from Teva Pharmaceuticals that reduces the frequency and severity of migraine symptoms.

To build an intelligent communications strategy for Ajovy, our first step was a grounding in research.

We discovered that 1 in 7 people in Ireland experience migraine, a finding that drove our campaign.

Migraine made visible

Over the course of a year, 360 carried out a campaign of public affairs, stakeholder engagement, and creative content activities, including a social media campaign and virtual reality experience.

 The 1 in 7 campaign culminated in a public activation on Dublin’s Samuel Beckett Bridge, where a hundred people stood shoulder to shoulder, representing the 1 in 7 people who suffer from migraine.

Making a difference

360’s work captured the attention of the public and healthcare practitioners, raising awareness of migraine and the potential of Ajovy for treatment.

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