Today’s Mum


Untold stories

Bringing new life into the world is a momentous, joyous occasion—but it certainly isn’t easy.

For mothers young and old, raising a child is a tumultuous experience full of ecstatic highs and rock-bottom lows. It’s a story that’s rarely fully told.

Our objective

When Sudocrem launched its first new product in 90 years, Care & Protect, 360 looked back on the brand’s long history as a trusted companion to exhausted mothers.

The Today’s Mum campaign was born, which acknowledged the challenges and pleasures of modern motherhood and how the two are rarely apart.


What we did

We grounded the Today’s Mum campaign in a research report.

That gave us the facts and angles we needed to build an emotive content campaign, which included the production of a short film and a public event for new mums hosted by brand ambassador Maia Dunphy.

Real impact

Sudocrem Care & Protect went from zero to majority market share in its product category by the end of 360’s Today’s Mum campaign.

Today’s Mum was also nominated for the European Colin Borg creative award.

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