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Crossed wires

Every day, thousands of Irish people call non-geographic numbers, or ‘NGNs’, for telephone access to public services, banking, and customer support lines.

While these numbers are convenient, they can also be confusing. Consumer awareness of the distinctions between the five NGNs (1800, 1850, 1890, 0818, and 076), and how much it costs to call them, is low.


Clearer lines

We partnered with ComReg, the authority responsible for overseeing and regulating Ireland’s telecoms industry, to communicate its plan to consolidate the five NGNs into two—1800 and 0818—by 2022.

360 created a campaign of digital content and print advertising to inform NGN callers (many of whom are elderly or less able) and organisations with NGNs about the benefits of the change.

The full spectrum

360 developed a full three-year communications and messaging strategy, as well as a stakeholder engagement plan, to ensure a smooth rollout of the NGN consolidation programme.

Our work for ComReg has also included web copywriting and UX design, animation and voiceover, and social and digital content creation.


Excellent reception

Phase 1 of our campaign launched in November 2019 and ran for six weeks. The Phase’s creative focused on increasing consumer and service provider awareness of both the NGN project and NGNs in general.

Using a mix of digital and social platforms, we drove consumer and business awareness of the switch, greatly exceeding average industry clickthrough rates on Facebook and Twitter.


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