Making It Happen

Carlow Local

Enterprise Office

Growing up

Taking an idea and turning it into a business requires a hefty donation of blood, sweat, and tears.

This is especially true for businesses in rural Ireland. Communicating with customers, selling to new markets, and expanding abroad can be difficult without the proper supports.

The next steps

The Carlow Local Enterprise Office helps local businesses maximise their potential with funding and mentorship programmes.

Through the Making It Happen campaign, 360 brought the local business community’s success stories to life with video and editorial content.


Following a creative workshop with LEO staff, we put boots on the ground and spoke to Carlow business owners about their journey, learning how supports from their LEO had helped them transform their side projects into fully fledged enterprises.

Making a difference

Through 360’s story-focused video and editorial content, Carlow’s business successes achieved visibility across Ireland, in online and print media.

360’s content campaign also visualised the supports available to small businesses in Carlow and Ireland through their Local Enterprise Office.

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