Declan Burrowes

04th November 2021

Selling space: why billion-dollar fortunes distract from the real goals of life beyond Earth

For millions on planet Earth, space exploration is a waste of time. That’s a problem the new rocket tycoons need to solve.

28th October 2021

How to communicate crypto to the masses

Large-scale public adoption of cryptocurrencies depends on industry experts stepping into the crowd and answering the fundamental questions.

04th February 2021

Can Twitter’s Birdwatch actually work?

Twitter’s new community moderation tool promises transparency and fairness, but it first must overcome a number of deeply complex challenges.

05th December 2019

Google Stadia faces one of its biggest challenges: Irish broadband

Google will need to get creative to make Stadia a success in Ireland.

24th October 2019

Extinction Rebellion risks its own demise with rash action

Extinction Rebellion has the world’s attention—its next move could make or break it.

24th May 2019

Why Silicon Valley must renew its vows to Ireland and the world

The giants of Silicon Valley must act decisively to preserve their reputation in a changing world.

07th February 2019

Is there really an epidemic of fake news?

The power of fake news has been greatly exaggerated. Kneejerk legislation and Big Tech intervention will only turn up the heat in an already stifling public forum.

06th November 2018

Vegans and Waitrose: perspective under pressure

Distinguishing transient social media fury from a genuine problem will save your brand time and heartache.

24th October 2018

Content isn’t always king

“Content for the sake of content” is harming your brand. An authentic content-writing strategy can save it.