3rd February 2017

Digital in Ireland is ‘mobile first’


With the launch of every new digital medium, platform and publication, the communications cadence has become a little more complicated. It seems disjointed to those who don’t see it as the biggest opportunity in communications.

The mobile moment

They ought to reconsider. Between waking in the morning to when your head finally hits the pillow at night, you will have checked your phone 160 times on average. 

The data behind those 160 times is gold. Gold that can be poured into your business and communications strategy to get it humming. From finding out the ‘mobile moment’ (the first moment of the day when your customer checks their mobile) to seeing how long someone will wait for a site to load before they leave it (40% will leave your site if it takes more than 3 seconds to load). It doesn’t matter if your communications strategy is bulletproof: 52% of customers associate a brand with its website loading time.


Not only are Irish people mobile mad but, boy, do we love consuming video content. 81% of online users have eyeballs on YouTube every day. That’s across all demographics, with the intent to watch, not scroll.

Take a look at these figures:

·         10 million people have subscribed to Ed Sheeran’s YouTube Channel

·         11 million to Beyoncé

·         13 million to Adele

·         14 million to Seán William McLoughlin in Athlone

And if you needed an emotive reaction to a message, this medium cannot be beaten:

The message

Inspiring. Entertaining. Educational. That’s what you need. If the message isn’t routed in one of these, your audience will swipe on and click out. You hate to admit it, but you would do the exact same.

Digital communications mean mobile first. Be mindful of the simple things: font size, the call to action, link loading time, the take-home message. The data will help figure out the rest.

In the words of a Google exec, digital never stops changing and improving, so neither should your strategy. It sounds scary but have no fear: we are here. PR360 gets it and we’ll help you get it too.  

Credit to Google Breakfast Briefings and the Digital Garage for prompting this blog.


Michelle is the Director of Digital Strategy, and she helps clients cut through the online noise with smart, integrated campaign strategies. She’s known as the PR360 Studio ‘feeder’ so be prepared to have a cup of strong coffee and a slice of cake when you meet her!

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