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29th October 2020

Trump and Biden’s divergent digital strategies

Uncle Joe versus rough-and-tumble Trump — whose digital strategy will win out?

26th August 2020

Confronting Cerberus: how to lobby a three-party government

Ireland’s three-headed government creates news challenges for public affairs specialists and lobbyists.

28th February 2020

Simon Harris, coronavirus, and the IRFU: it’s not what you say, it’s how you say it

In a crisis situation, how you communicate is the difference between business as usual and wholesale panic.

18th February 2020

Beyond woke: the important difference between awareness and action

What’s better than a ‘woke’ stakeholder? One that takes action.

22nd November 2019

Twitter’s political advertising ban has begun—here’s what it means

Twitter has banned all political advertisements on its platform. Here’s what you can and can’t do.

19th November 2019

The measure of a plan

How you choose to measure the value and impact of a communications campaign is as important as the campaign itself.

17th October 2019

Data analytics is rewriting the rules of engagement for sports fans, athletes, and clubs

Behind every great team and every great club… there’s data analytics.

18th July 2019

The beginning of the end: why planning for the finish line matters

Planning for the end gives our communications campaigns focus, goals and purpose.

24th April 2019

Who’s voting EU?

The EU will need to leave the abstract ideals behind and focus on hard facts if it wants a good turnout in May.