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18th March 2021

Why vaccine passports are critical for Ireland’s aviation sector

Proof of vaccination will help Ireland’s aviation sector take its first steps back to normality, but there are still major challenges to overcome.

11th March 2021

Up in arms: the Defence Forces and Department of Defence must repair their relationship

The future of Ireland’s armed forces depends on a sustained truce between military personnel and the Department of Defence.

20th January 2021

Why “Sleepy Joe” is exactly who the world needs

Joe Biden faces tough challenges from day one, but his considered approach to complex issues and crises may put the US back on the right track.

02nd November 2020

Trump vs Biden: a communications stalemate?

America decides. Can the President repeat his 2016 success or will Biden steal Trump’s thunder?

02nd September 2020

McConalogue is a fresh start for Ireland’s post-Golfgate agri sector

To effectively communicate their issues, farmer representative organisations need to regroup, refocus, and form a united front.

26th August 2020

Confronting Cerberus: how to lobby a three-party government

Ireland’s three-headed government creates news challenges for public affairs specialists and lobbyists.

16th June 2020

The programme for Big Government

The programme for government is here. What can Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson teach us about it?

16th April 2020

The draft government: a look at the new framework document

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil inch towards an historic government.

10th February 2020

Mary Lou’s moxy leaves Micheál in the last chance saloon

While the dust is still yet to settle, GE2020 has certainly delivered on one thing: change.