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03rd April 2023

Mandating Big Tech accountability through the Digital Services Act (DSA)

Many of the world’s largest tech companies like Google, Meta, TikTok and Twitter are US based but have their European headquarters in Ireland, meaning they will be subject to the new regulatory framework of the Digital Services Act (DSA). 

14th October 2021

Twitter, Revue, and the digital newsletter renaissance

While digital newsletters are nothing new, the latest crop of editorial content platforms promise new, profitable ways to connect with readers.

22nd April 2021

Why your brand needs to move away from vanity metrics

Likes and follows can look impressive, but truly effective social and digital metrics are grounded in careful evaluation of your target audience.

15th April 2021

Clubhouse is the latest social media trend—but what is it?

Clubhouse promises ephemeral “drop-in audio” chat, but what exactly does that mean and should your brand sign up?

08th April 2021

5 things brands should know about TikTok and digital growth in 2021

TikTok’s ascendancy continues. Here are the latest insights brands should know before building their new social strategy.

01st April 2021

The 3 Instagram updates and trends you should know about in 2021

Faced with fierce competition from TikTok, Facebook Inc is investing heavily in new livestreaming and e-commerce features on Instagram.

25th March 2021

LinkedIn wants communications professionals to reconnect with their audience in 2021. Here’s how.

New features help brands stay connected during lockdown.

29th October 2020

Trump and Biden’s divergent digital strategies

Uncle Joe versus rough-and-tumble Trump — whose digital strategy will win out?

22nd November 2019

Twitter’s political advertising ban has begun—here’s what it means

Twitter has banned all political advertisements on its platform. Here’s what you can and can’t do.