Sarah Regan

01st July 2021

Government must take charge to reassure a disillusioned hospitality industry

Pubs and restaurants are to remain closed for indoor dining until further notice. With morale low, how can our leaders help business owners?

24th February 2021

The Government has laid the path ahead—but where is it going?

Ireland will remain at Level 5 until at least 5 April. Keeping the public informed and spirits high will be a major challenge for the Government in the coming weeks.

10th December 2020

How Airbnb survived crisis in 2020 — The Longest Year

By confronting a major existential issue head on, transparent and open Airbnb earned employee and industry admiration.

24th November 2020

All we want for Christmas is for government and Nphet to work together

Ireland’s ability to manage Covid-19 this winter depends on the relationship between government and Nphet.

08th March 2019

Empowerment is for life, not just for International Women’s Day

International Women’s Day is an important opportunity for businesses and brands to effect real change.

20th March 2018

When it comes to communications, don’t leave your employees behind

Real motivation and empowerment comes when we’re part of something, when we feel like we’re contributing, and when we belong.