Michelle Mc Coy

15th April 2021

Clubhouse is the latest social media trend—but what is it?

Clubhouse promises ephemeral “drop-in audio” chat, but what exactly does that mean and should your brand sign up?

17th December 2020

Why culture mattered more than ever in 2020 — The Longest Year

Togetherness is the secret sauce of company culture, and the pandemic has made finding the recipe even harder.

23rd January 2018

We are a DMA2018 finalist!

PR360 has been shortlisted for the Irish Digital Media Awards.

03rd February 2017

Digital in Ireland is ‘mobile first’

With the launch of every new digital medium, platform and publication, the communications cadence has become a little more complicated. 

08th December 2016

5 ways to enhance your employer branding

Dubbed ‘the war for talent’, it’s the next big problem for the Celtic Phoenix and the growing Irish economy

06th October 2016


We have a saying around here and it’s ‘never miss an opportunity to celebrate’. 

29th September 2016

Personal brand is more important than ever

It is becoming less of a competitive edge and more of a requirement.