Dan Pender

25th June 2020

This is the age of intelligent communications

We are 360.

10th February 2020

Mary Lou’s moxy leaves Micheál in the last chance saloon

While the dust is still yet to settle, GE2020 has certainly delivered on one thing: change.

05th February 2020

The Prime Time debate: dictated by polls and determined by detail

The three main party leaders locked horns in the crucial final phase of the GE2020 campaign.

14th January 2020

Game on: GE2020 is the first real ballot box contest in 30 years

The GE2020 starting gun has been fired. Who will be Taoiseach on 8 February?

17th December 2019

Uncertainty is the new normal—and that’s okay     

The 2020s are almost upon us. It’s time to embrace uncertainty.

09th October 2019

Budget 2020: nervous leaders jostle for position as the general election looms large

For better or for worse, Pashcal’s Budget marked the starting point for the 2020 general election campaign.

22nd August 2019

So long, Friedman: welcome to the era of social business

Nearly 200 of the world’s most powerful CEOs have committed to a new relationship with society. What’s in it for them?

06th August 2019

Harry Maguire: a case study in reputation management

Focus, perspective, and messaging: Leicester City coaches in corporate communications.

30th July 2019

What Gogglebox can teach leaders about answering the hard questions

Your audience are not fools. Respect them by sincerely and unambiguously answering difficult questions.