Amanda Glancy

20th January 2021

Why “Sleepy Joe” is exactly who the world needs

Joe Biden faces tough challenges from day one, but his considered approach to complex issues and crises may put the US back on the right track.

11th January 2021

Short-termism risks undermining trust in Government’s Covid decision-making

After weeks of uncertainty, Irish parents are returning to homeschooling. The Government’s reactionary decision-making has not made the process easy.

12th November 2020

How to communicate a vaccination programme

A Covid-19 vaccine is coming, but mass immunisation won’t be a straightforward task.

16th June 2020

The programme for Big Government

The programme for government is here. What can Ronald Reagan and Thomas Jefferson teach us about it?

16th April 2020

The draft government: a look at the new framework document

Amid the coronavirus pandemic, Fine Gael and Fianna Fáil inch towards an historic government.

05th March 2020

Women! Want equality? Champion the rights of men

Greater access to paternity leave will help women achieve more seniority in the workplace.

23rd January 2020

Who was the winner of the first GE2020 debate?

Leo Varadkar and Micheál Martin faced off in the first televised debate of the GE2020 campaign.

06th November 2019

Suspicion and untruth are letting down Ireland’s asylum seekers and local communities

The long-term solution to Ireland’s direct provision centre crisis requires a two-way dialogue.

03rd October 2019

Prepare for (trade) war: EU Commissioner Phil Hogan’s first real challenge may come from DC, not London

After a landmark WTO ruling, the EU Commission will need to work hard to avoid full-scale trade war with the US.