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11th March 2021

Up in arms: the Defence Forces and Department of Defence must repair their relationship

The future of Ireland’s armed forces depends on a sustained truce between military personnel and the Department of Defence.

09th February 2021

Rallies and rainbows: how brands can navigate social movements and avoid tokenism

Diversity and inclusion campaigns appeal to younger, socially conscious consumers, but they must be built on lived values and keen cultural analysis.

04th February 2021

Can Twitter’s Birdwatch actually work?

Twitter’s new community moderation tool promises transparency and fairness, but it first must overcome a number of deeply complex challenges.

29th January 2021

“Easy wins” aren’t always what they seem: a case for sticking to the plan

Veering from an established plan for an “easy win” often does more harm than good. The Irish Government learnt that the hard way at Christmas.

20th January 2021

Why “Sleepy Joe” is exactly who the world needs

Joe Biden faces tough challenges from day one, but his considered approach to complex issues and crises may put the US back on the right track.

11th January 2021

Short-termism risks undermining trust in Government’s Covid decision-making

After weeks of uncertainty, Irish parents are returning to homeschooling. The Government’s reactionary decision-making has not made the process easy.

15th December 2020

How RTÉ fell at the last hurdle in 2020 — The Longest Year

RTÉ’s growth in popularity and trustworthiness was squandered by an entirely avoidable crisis.

01st December 2020

An EU digital legislation overhaul is coming—here’s what you need to know

The EU’s Digital Services/Digital Markets Act package will shake up the internet as we know it—and it’s not just Silicon Valley’s problem.

12th November 2020

How to communicate a vaccination programme

A Covid-19 vaccine is coming, but mass immunisation won’t be a straightforward task.