Government must take charge to reassure a disillusioned hospitality industry

Pubs and restaurants are to remain closed for indoor dining until further notice. With morale low, how can our leaders help business owners?

24th June 2021

Consistent but not contemporary: a year of Taoiseach Martin

Micheál Martin’s patience and consistency are well suited to a pandemic, but as the country emerges from lockdown, what can he do to leave a lasting mark?

17th June 2021

Anatomy of a cybercrime: the HSE attack one month on

The ransomware attacks on the Department of Health and HSE are terrible but important lessons for the Government.

27th May 2021

Choppy waters: why Dublin City Council’s whitewater project has failed to float

So long as Dublin City Council fails to communicate strategically, its proposed whitewater rafting project will struggle to gain supporters.

18th May 2021

What Boris Johnson can teach the Irish Government about the Dublin Bay South by-election

Ireland’s coalition government faces its first electoral challenge. The recent UK local elections provide useful learnings.

13th May 2021

Artificial intelligence regulation will be the next Big Tech flashpoint

The EU’s proposed AI regulation critically examines how we interact with intelligent computers and software. What does it mean for Big Tech?

05th May 2021

WhatsApp’s upcoming privacy changes and what they mean for social apps

New changes to WhatsApp’s privacy policy come into force next week, but tech trends show companies can’t afford to be flippant with user data.

22nd April 2021

Why your brand needs to move away from vanity metrics

Likes and follows can look impressive, but truly effective social and digital metrics are grounded in careful evaluation of your target audience.

15th April 2021

Clubhouse is the latest social media trend—but what is it?

Clubhouse promises ephemeral “drop-in audio” chat, but what exactly does that mean and should your brand sign up?

08th April 2021

5 things brands should know about TikTok and digital growth in 2021

TikTok’s ascendancy continues. Here are the latest insights brands should know before building their new social strategy.

01st April 2021

The 3 Instagram updates and trends you should know about in 2021

Faced with fierce competition from TikTok, Facebook Inc is investing heavily in new livestreaming and e-commerce features on Instagram.

25th March 2021

LinkedIn wants communications professionals to reconnect with their audience in 2021. Here’s how.

New features help brands stay connected during lockdown.

18th March 2021

Why vaccine passports are critical for Ireland’s aviation sector

Proof of vaccination will help Ireland’s aviation sector take its first steps back to normality, but there are still major challenges to overcome.