29th September 2016

Personal brand is more important than ever


Recently, PR360 was asked to present at the inaugural CONNECT16 conference in the RDS on personal brand and digital reputation.  

Opened by An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD, CONNECT16 is a ground-breaking incubator of Innovative Ireland that demonstrates the ease of doing business here.

As Ireland’s businesses and professionals play an ever-greater role on the international stage, cultivating a strong personal brand is about more than just getting a “competitive edge”- it’s a requirement. 

  An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD opening the CONNECT16 conference
An Taoiseach Enda Kenny TD opening the CONNECT16 conference

A personal brand is something that is self-defined. It’s how you dress, act, and what you broadcast via social media.

So, what is the difference between a personal brand and a reputation? Put simply:
Your personal brand is what you say about yourself, but your reputation is what others say about you. The former you can control, the latter you can merely influence.

We live in a world where companies hire not based on just CVs and cover letters, but also on the information they find online. Companies want stand-out employees, and one way to gauge that is your online reputation.

When getting started on your personal branding and professional social media presence, the discussion will always include LinkedIn.

Yes, it’s a social media platform, but it takes a professional tone. Think of it as a digital business card that will follow you around even after you’ve left your current role. The connections you make on LinkedIn are of value to you and your employer, so never miss an opportunity to genuinely connect with people.

  Our Social & Digital Lead, Michelle Mc Coy at CONNECT16
Our Social & Digital Lead, Michelle Mc Coy at CONNECT16

Too many think of LinkedIn strictly as a place to find a job or where recruiters find you. While employment is a big part of LinkedIn, when it comes to professional development, there’s very little you can’t find on this platform.

LinkedIn is in the top 10 referrer sites for most companies’ websites and is a very popular traffic driver for specific publishers, largely for business, technology and media content. 

Top tips for using LinkedIn to develop your personal brand:

1.     Optimise your profile

2.     Make meaningful connections

3.     Follow people who matter to you

4.     Publish content on Slideshare and Insights


Michelle is the Director of Digital Strategy, and she helps clients cut through the online noise with smart, integrated campaign strategies. She’s known as the PR360 Studio ‘feeder’ so be prepared to have a cup of strong coffee and a slice of cake when you meet her!

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