PR as you know it is dead

This is the age of intelligent communications.

PR as you know it is dead

This is the age of intelligent communications.

  • We are the intelligent communications specialists

    In a frenetic new world of brand activism, infinite-scroll newsfeeds, and live-streaming politicians, only intelligent communications can connect you to the people who matter.

  • We are data-driven

    At 360, we use expert insights and hard data to build intelligent communications strategies. We bring those strategies to life with powerful messaging and stand-out content.

  • We cut through the noise

    We know how to hone your message, who you need to talk to, and how to maximise your impact, internally and externally.

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02nd September 2020

McConalogue is a fresh start for Ireland’s post-Golfgate agri sector

To effectively communicate their issues, farmer representative organisations need to regroup, refocus, and form a united front.

26th August 2020

Confronting Cerberus: how to lobby a three-party government

Ireland’s three-headed government creates news challenges for public affairs specialists and lobbyists.


CEO Communications Report

82% of employees value regular company-wide communication from their CEO. Learn more about why being an open and authentic leader benefits the bottom line.

30th Jul 2020

People of Britain: your country(’s health service) needs you!

17th Jul 2020

Dark factories and denial: Boohoo’s communications crisis is a lesson for all

09th Jul 2020

The “Black Lives Matter effect” on a new generation of young footballers



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